Disruptive Hybrid Cloud Management

Complete with Live Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Backup and IT Budget Control

Address digital transformation challenges by introducing a hybrid cloud management platform with a focus on IT budget control, hybrid cloud enablement, live cloud migration and IT Resilience. The platform combines substantial capabilities into a unique product offering that helps businesses keep IT costs under control, forecast and optimize monthly spending, manage workloads by seamless cloud migration and business continuity. Hystax transforms the way enterprises approach cloud migration, cutting project timelines from months to days. Hystax Acura is a highly specialized and fully automated solution for migrating workloads from on-premises datacentre to the cloud as well as cross-cloud. Hystax is application and OS agnostic, agentless, fast, and secure. Hystax offers MSPs backup and Disaster Recovery solutions with enterprise-grade Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

True any-to-any cloud migration

AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle Cloud, VMware, KVM, OpenStack, Alibaba, and bare metal.

Application Agnostic

SAP, Microsoft Active Directory, PostgreSQL, Oracle, NGINX, RedHat Jboss Enterprise, IBM WebSphere, Apache, VMware vSphere, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark.

OS Agnostic

Windows, Linux, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu.



Live Cloud Migration

Real-time migration of complex business applications from any source to any target platform.
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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Significant cost reduction and minimal RPO/RTO recovering to DR site or doing failover back to production.
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Hybrid Cloud Management

IT budget control and multi-cloud arbitrage.
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Hystax Live Cloud Migration

Boost new revenue streams and increase cloud adoption by moving customer’s critical content, business applications and workloads to any target cloud. Hystax Acura enables your company to manage comlpex migrations of any size without limitations on supported platforms, including bare metal and Openstack, and efficiently migrate multiple customers at once.



  • Flexible migration plans and orchestration
  • Migration of machine metadata and network settings
  • Unlimited number of test migrations
  • Fully-isolated environment and 100% data integrity for all applications

Hystax Disaster Recovery

Take care of own IT resilience and business continuity or deliver disaster recovery and cloud backup services with best-in-class RTO and RPO values.

Hystax Acura is available on any of the public or private clouds. Hystax provides continuous background replication of all production workloads, to ensure RPO of seconds and RTO of minutes.



  • Multi-tenancy self-service customer portal
  • Ready to build a DRaaS in days based on Hystax Acura
  • Instant failover and automated failback
  • RPO of seconds and RTO of minutes

Migration Services

Business intelligence, cost efficiency, scalability, security and other benefits of cloud-based infrastructure could facilitate companies to move their on-premise data warehouse to the cloud. Cammington Cloud Migration enables your company to migrate to highly performance platform, to get rid of limitations of legacy infrastructure.


Cammington Cloud Migration provides businesses with a simple, efficient, fully automated migration to Microsoft Azure and Cammington DC, helps companies to reduce TCO by cost-effective live cloud migration solution. Cammington Cloud Migration provides background consistent replication of bare metal machines, ability to run unlimited number of test migrations and orchestrated launch of business applications on Microsoft Azure and Cammington vDC platform, gives independence, control and security during the migration process.


The advantages of migration from on-prem to the cloud are obvious. Cloud-based company infrastructure put in the shade on-prmise solutions in terms of cost reduction, speed, reliability, scalability and security. Moving your data and application to the cloud with Cammington Cloud Migration you can migrate to any target platform – KVM, AWS, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, VMware. Digital transformation strategy may include migrating of all company workloads to the cloud, or you can choose a hybrid cloud migration approach when migration process involves some applications, while others remain on-premise.

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Easy to Use

Replicate, create migration plans or do the migration in a couple of clicks.
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Enterprise Security

Isolated solution running only on the client’s environment

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Flexible Dashboard

Sophisticated dashboard for end-to-end migration management.
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Full Automation

Replicate the cloud migration process and eliminate a possibility of human error.
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No data loss or downtime

Real-time replication allows avoiding data loss and final migration with a small maintenance window.
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RESTful API for Experts

Easy automation and integration with the current management system.
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Hystax Acura Live Migration

  • Live background replication of production workloads
  • Fully automated migration process
  • Agentless migration without data loss in minutes
  • Test migration ability before making a decision to switch production to any cloud platform
  • TCO reducing by moving to a cost-effective target site
  • Isolated solution infrastructure for customer security
  • Full coverage with REST API to support complex and multiphase migration strategies
  • Easy to use solution: all components of migration are controlled by sophisticated control plane
  • Cost-effective migration process

Hystax Acura Live Migration provides:

  • Automated migration from any source platform – VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, KVM, Bare Metal
  • Automated live migration to any target platform – KVM, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, Microsoft

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